NACAR Foundation supports educational projects that improve social and labor integration

We fight for an accessible, fair, equitable and quality education


We support projects with an educational basis, holding social and labor integration. We promote the importance of education and carry out actions and awareness campaigns. We instill the concept of NACAR in our day to day.


We ensure an accessible, fair, equitable and quality education, both inside and outside the classroom, that guarantees the Right to Education and establishes the basis for a real, stable and sustainable development.


Our values are strong, based on transparency, honesty, respect and self-criticism. We search for veracity, sustainability and ecology always looking forward to adaptation, evolution and continuous improvement through empathy and great team work.

Education and Scholarships

We have a Technical and Trades School in Honduras, in which low-income youth receive formal and specialty education. We also offer scholarships for University Studies.

Professional Volunteering

We enrich education and educational management and professional outings thanks to our great international volunteers.

Development Microcredit

We fund young entrepreneurs who want to build their own business in Honduras. We support the development and economic improvement of their families and the communities where they locate their businesses.

Community Actions

We carry on different actions to improve the community like medical brigades or community cleaning squads. Also parenting school, and scheduled visits to families and other nearby communities.

Inside the NACAR Foundation

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