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The Nacar Foundation was founded in 2005 with the aim of supporting needy children and young people in disadvantaged situations and countries.

The projects  we support are focused on educating and training children and young people to help them get out of poverty in the medium term in Honduras.

Nowadays, the main project of the foundation is the management of an educational project in Honduras: the Glass School.


Support educational and socio-labor integration projects and disseminate the importance of Education for societies development.


An accessible, fair, equitable and quality Education, both inside and outside the classroom, that guarantees the Right to Education and establishes the basis for real, stable and sustainable development.


Values based on transparency, honesty, respect, self-criticism, evolution and continuous improvement, adaptation, truthfulness, sustainability, ecology, empathy and teamwork.

Bulding of a new professional kitchen for a new study source at the Class School of Honduras. Read more…

We help Loyola School with machinery, tools etc. to improve the technical study areas. Read more…

A school bus turned to and innovative and solidary educative project. Read more…

High quality school to cut down inequalities for youngsters in poverty. Read more…


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